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    I am looking for some advice as to how to address a situation with an upcoming wedding for a close relative. They are getting married and have decided to have a "destination wedding" at a resort in Mexico. The couple is getting by financially (with some loans and credit cards) but they will go into large debt to have this wedding and I get the sense they are feeling pressure to hold a "event" because many of their friends have had large nice weddings in the past couple of years. They can do what they want but I just know the pain and agony that comes after the fact with having to pay large bills. Brides family has limited resources to chip in. Both their cars have in excess of 150k on them.To make matters worse - the average cost for lodging and airfare for attendees is going to be north of $2,000 per couple. Two thousand dollars plus. I have been told privately by at least 50% of close relatives that they can't afford the cost and won't go. I am guessing another 25% or more also won't go due to distance and cost. Family should really be present IMHO. A wedding date was announced but formal invitations have not been sent - though the venue was chosen.Many in the family really want to see them get married and be part of their special day, and have asked if I can talk with them about an alternative arrangement. Something close to family and not so expensive to attend. I want to take the right approach to this and am looking for advice on if I should be direct with them -- or what to say.

    Please help.

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